Silke is the brand that marks the knitting products of Arvier company, born in 1977 from the will of  Pietro Macconi, as a result of his passion for hand knitted yarn, raised among his family.

Arvier is a company managed by the founder’s family, now at the second generation who has lived the most interesting and intense years in the field of hand knitting, that has become a very trendy and creative world, thanks also to the atavic attraction exercised on the female world that can find out experiences and sensations recalling the nature of a woman.

Arvier with its brand Silke produces yarns, already packed for final consumption to be distributed, at national as well as international level, trough retailers, wholesalers and distributors.

All the fine animal fibres, starting from wool, are at the centre of the attention in our production processes that involve treatments whose target is to guarantee the best duration of quality in time. Such as, for example, treatments for unshrinkability that allow machine wash and preserve nonallergenic, waterproof, mothproof and silky clothes.

Merino wool extrafine, mohair, alpaca, angora, camel hair, cashmere and silk are some of the fibres employed in our balls. Hand knitting cycle is complete including also vegetal fibres such as cotton, linen, bamboo and canvas to which one can add, single or mixed, artificial or synthetic fibres that has reached excellent quality levels that sometimes overcome nature itself.

Production process doesn’t limit to the yarns whose quality results from intrinsic value of raw materials, but continues in the design of fancy yarns, reaching astonishing levels of technology to which excellent machines with an excellent technological background give their contribution.

All the study that precedes and accompanies the final product reaches its peak in an efficient distribution system that is based on a logistical organization linked to a very efficient warehouse that supports the requirements of our customers and is able to fulfil also the most challenging orders and guarantee a very fast and efficient service.

An intergenerational staff, with an average age of 38, is in a postion to interpret the quality and needs of fashion in order to be efficiently present and ready for intercepting tastes and requirements of operators and final users.


We have been specializing for more than 50 years in yarns for hand knitting, classic yarns as well as fancy yarns. A strict and profitable collaboration with top suppliers of merino wool, fine fibres (Alpaca, Cashmere, Mohair and  Egyptian cotton)  and outside collaborators, such as spinning mills and dye workers, has given life, season after seasons, to always new products that have reinforced our six brands.

Our collection is divided in sectors of employment, as each requirement and purpose needs a precise answer. The fibres employed, exclusive and of high quality, match with high technical proficiency in order to give life to creative products that are able to meet the requirements of our customers, in Italy as well as abroad.

In our actual location in Brescia, more than 2000 square metres, there is a wide stock service warehouse, a modern system of quality control, a department for the design of new products (even personalized products) and a workshop for the design and implementation of clothes with related instructions: all essential work for successful products.

It is not possible to talk about Bertagna Filati without reference to the cultural roots society originates from: the Community ecomomy, a particular experience of fair economy.

This project, started in Brazil in 1991 by Chiara Lubich (founder of Focolari Movement) now involves about 750 companies around the world. The aim of all these companies is to match the needs of efficiency and profitability with the target of making the economic scenary a place of meeting, participation and growth, also for poors who are an integral part of the company itself, whose production must target sharing, also of the profits.

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